The Numbers

The median salary in the US in the first quarter of 2019 was $46,800.

The National Research Council recommends young people with autism get
25+ hours a week of therapy. 

25 hours/week = 1300 hours/year

Without insurance, therapy can easily cost more than $70/hr.

$70 x 1300 =  $91,000/year

Even with insurance, max out of pocket rates are typically around $8,000/year.

If you have to purchase insurance, premiums can be around $400/mo = $4,800 -
then you still have to pay out of pockets up to $8,000.


It can be tough to get by with just everyday expenses. Therapy costs add up fast. Frequently one parent must stay home to manage therapy schedules and crises. Don’t let accessing effective, intensive autism therapy be a luxury, join us now in ensuring it is available to all.

We believe autism therapy should be accessible to all those who need it!